Reputed South Mumbai Club engage with Maple C&S for HR Transformation

Reputed South Mumbai Club engage with Maple C&S for HR Transformation

Anil played a crucial role in aligning our HR policies and processes. It helped to have a consultant on board, as they gave an unbiased third-party view of the organization and offered alternatives and options suitable to all.

Key Achievements:

  • Firmed up the HR and organizational structure design after a gap analysis
  • Full Integration of Systems and Data

The Challenge

Most old organizations have dated methodologies in HR practices. Our client was no exception.  They needed a paradigm shift in their HR processes to meet their vision and new challenges faced.

The Solution

The HR rejuvenation process began with understanding the client’s business and needs in depth, to deliver a highly customized level of service.

A gap analysis was carried out to identify and assess the need areas between available and future resources.

Rather than only focusing on business realignment, Maple C&S built leadership teams equipped with diverse strengths for the success of the organization.

The Result

A comprehensive holistic approach was the key to the success at the club.

Key Highlights include:

  • Legal Vetting and standardization of all HR documents
  • Creation of Employee Communication plans, internal calendar and Employee Handbook
  • HR process training programs for senior management

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