Professional Mentoring & Career Consulting

” Professional advice often comes as a confirmation of existing values and thereby fails to make much difference. We don’t shy away from challenging the status quo, offering not only advice on paper but we also help you to get it done, by being there every step of the way. “


Which has more impact?

A strategy that’s ideal but not implemented thoroughly or a moderately solid but well-executed one?


We deeply believe that a well-executed strategy brings results far more effectively than a well-formulated strategy. Pragmatism wins over theoretical ideas in a fast-paced business world.

Based on our experience on what makes successful leaders and our deep knowledge in leadership assessment, we have developed an approach that helps you achieve your career goals. At Maple Consulting & Services, our care and devotion towards your individual success is one of the key parameters on which we judge our own success. With decades of industry expertise and a global network of key players, we offer professional mentoring and career consulting that never fail to meet your career goals.

Career Consulting


Career Transitions

A career change can bring the excitement of learning to navigate uncharted territories. But it is certainly not without its challenges.A well-managed exit and a good last impression is vital. One also needs a well thought through assessment of skills and qualifications to find the next right sector one can excel in. To ensure that the transition is smooth and quick, we guide you in every step of the process offering not just consulting but also exposure to our global network.


Become a Better Leader

We offer advice for executives at different points in their careers. Whether one is just stepping into a leadership position, assessing the unique challenges and risks of a situation or developing the skills to move further into the top management, we mentor to gain resilience, adapt and hone your keenness for more complex and demanding roles.


Career Development

The need to grow within your existing role is often overlooked in career development. We offer guidance to cultivate meaningful relationships in the company, hone your skills and earn more responsibility as part of your career growth. Meeting a career goal is often just the beginning. Become better at what you do by learning new skills, building competence outside your area of expertise and cultivating stronger relationships to take you to the next level.


Further Your Career

We are always eager to learn about talented executives. Those with a successful track record and exceptional leadership potential always share their wisdom and experiences. We care deeply about helping you further your career and we are always open to new and exciting ideas about leadership and career development.

Maximize Your Career Potential and Professional Growth


Get a clear plan, step-by-step mentoring, and a way to safely explore new career ideas.


Create your own legacy with a powerful vision and meaningful mission


Confidential and discrete guidance to create your personal career plan


Rediscover what you really want, your amazing talents, and your core strengths.


Redefine your career, control your own destiny, and do something you love every day.


Book a free 30 minute consult to understand how you can maximize satisfaction in your work life with the help of our career consulting services. Contact us to learn more about our career assessment and evaluation options and pricing.